Rolls House (The Hendre)

Rolls House (The Hendre) is a grade 2* listed building dating back to the 16th century. It is now run as a golf course and country house. It was formally a hunting box for King George the 5th. Majorly renovated by the rolls family of Rolls Royce throughout the 19th century. The house is now a spectacular example of Neo-Norman and Gothic revival with grotesque and classical carvings everywhere one looks.

Jones and Fraser were lucky enough to be involved with the Rolls Royce funded restoration of the clock, bells and clock tower.

Work carried out by Jones and Fraser included masonry and plastic repair to the clock surround and other aspects of ornate stone work as well as the repair to the shaped lead cap which sits on top of this 70 foot tower.

Work on this magnificent building is ongoing and the Jones and Fraser team hope to return in near future.

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